Renewing the floor

3109_interieur_32 3109_interieur_05
The floor is 20 cm above the bottom of the hull, which is made of iron. It can be cold at the feet level. The floor was covered by 3 layers of dusty carpet. Under the carpet, I found an amazing wooden floor made of 35 mm of azobé. I don’t know how much we should pay to buy such quantity of exotic wood !
The problem was that the planks were painted.
2016-01-05-3254-graisse-pas-graisse-2400hThe cold iron hull is protected from corrosion with a special grease.
2015-10-20-3069-isolation-plancher-helmut-2400h 2015-10-20-3070-isolation-plancher-helmut-2400h
With Helmuth leaving near Rotterdam, a German friend I met in Iceland, we put 35 mm thermal insulation under the wooden floor.
2015-11-16-0015-plancher-rabottage-2400cThe planks are slightly curved. With Éric, we plan the sides of each plank to adjust it with its two neighbors. 2015-11-16-0022-plancher-chantier-2400cEach plank will have its “personal” position in the row.
2015-11-17-0028-cale-ponçage3-2400c 2015-11-17-0025-cale-ponçage2-2400c
We sand each plank individually. It is temporarily installed 2 mm above two neighbors on which the machine is rolling.
2015-11-17-0026-cale-ponçage1-2400c 2015-12-18-3224-cale-2400hSo nice !