Renewing the living room


An idea, to give life to the ship, is to organize some photography exhibitions of my work. So, it was mandatory to free the largest part of the wall space. It was necessary to remove the long shelf running all along of both sides of the ship. The long radiators had to be replaced by smaller one.

Renewing work

The shelves have been reused to build technical paths at the bottom of the walls (left of the photo). The electrical cables, water hose and heating hose are hidden in them while they remain easily accessible for maintenance and extensions.
Thicker and smaller radiators have been installed in the corners of the walls. All radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves.
The steel works are painted in a dark red color, to symbolize (nice) rust and bring a semi industrial feeling.

The doors and the frames of the kitchen are remembering the same warm color.

On the to do list

The oval portholes which have nothing to do on an historical cannot be removed. They will be hidden in the back of expanded polyurethane panels (this easy to work product is light, waterproof and provide a good thermal insulation). The same design is foreseen on the external side, to give its original look to the ship.

Picture rails will be installed for the exhibitions.

This page is still under construction…