Rebuilding the roof


2017-10-17-0826-toit-sans-cadres-2400w 2018-11-14-0055-schavuit-cale-2400h
To add 6 large windows into the roof to avoid 24h/24h artificial light inside.

Problem found

2015-10-01-2902-toit-nettoyé-2400hThe electrical circuit was found into the old roof. 2015-10-28-3090-boites-de-dérivation-avant-2400hIt was necessary to rebuild it inside.

Rebuilding the roof (2015-2019)

2015-10-01-2901-toit-laine-de-verre-2400hDestroying the old roof cover. 2015-10-25-3079-toit-sans-cables-2400hElectrical cables removed (2015).
2015-10-28-3091-boites-de-dérivation-arrière-1600v 2015-10-26-3082-couloir-1600v
Rebuilding the electrical circuit inside (2015). The old cables were reused.
2015-10-25-3080-decoupe-rockwool-2400hThe electrical knife got a new job. 2015-10-25-3081-toit-isolé-2400hThermal insulation of the roof (2015).
2017-09-23-0740-toit-époxy-2400wNew plywood cover (2015).
2017-10-14-0810-EPDM-collage-bache-2400wPasting the EPDM rubber film on the wooden cover (2018). 2018-11-16-0096-Schavuit-toit-2400cThe window’s glass is made of PMMA (kind of plexiglass). They can be open during the summer (2019).

On the to do list

To restore the historical look when there was no window into the roof, the project is to cover it with a wooden hatch cover. So during some special events, the roof will be completely blind and as close as possible from its original aspect. The way the hatches were build in the past is a so huge crazy work that I plan to use modern materials and techniques to mimic them the best way I can.

2015-09-01-0001-gas-compartmentTo remove the gas compartment. 2015-09-01-0001-engine-roomTo remove, as far as possible, the entrance of the engine room.

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