Salvage & Restoration by Gert (1974-85)

Gert bought the ship in 1974 when he was student. At that time, the ship was a motor boat without mast, without sails, without leeboards, without shaft nor propeller. She was just in a state to be destroyed… or saved.

All pictures in this page are from Gert Reedijk. ©Gert Reedijk.

Rebuilding the front side of the deck and installing a mast foot.

Installing wooden spars (here the mast), an engine, a shaft and a propeller…
Removing the wooden “roef” and renewing the “roef” (in 1887, the “roef” was made of wood). The windows size were enlarged. The shutters were removed. A new window was open at the left of the door. On the right picture, we can see how was the back side of the “roef” (look at the window to see the compass).

Transforming the hold space into a home. Three children were born on the ship.

Adding new sails and see her on the sea again…

Some transformations were not in respect with the rules of an historical status, but in this time Gert could not imagine that the ship would become an “navigating monument”. The external look of such ship must be as authentic as possible. In any case we must be infinitely thankful (much more than that in reality) to Gert and Anjès for everything they made to give her birth again.

THANKS Gert & Anjès!