Sewing new sails covers


2015-04-15-0968-schavuit-2400h The sails covers were so old and ugly that it was a shame on me ! That is, I order caneva and webbing. I asked Madame Zigzag to come with me in Delfshaven to copy the old one on the new caneva. Madame Zigzag is the name I gave to myself when I am sewing with my Sailrite LZ3 machine.

Renewing work

This is the workshop ! Double sided tape is used to assemble two sections before sewing them together.
2020-07-17-0698-tauds-machine-2400w Sewing large parts together is a challenge because the arm of the machine is very short. The smallest part must be rolled on itself to allow passing through the machine. The mainsail cover is more than 14 meter long. Working alone, it was impossible to sew it as a single piece. So I decided to make two sections which are attached together with Velcro.
Too nice !