History of the Schavuit

The oldest zeetjalk still sailing in The Netherlands.
11380-scan-06-big 1930 (?)
1887 The ship was built for Roelof Snijder by the Bodewes shipyard (Martenshoek, Hoogezand) the same year as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and one year after the Liberty Statue in New York. All three were built in puddle iron.
1910 2015-09-07-2684-g-reedijk-seinen She came into the hand of the family Seinen for two generations. In this time, her name was ‘Koophandel‘. She was transporting turf from Hoogeveen to Alphen a/d Rijn. 11380-scan-03 This picture is probably the oldest one of the ship (1910/1911).
It was taken by a notary who sailed through The Netherlands with his small boat. In the background, we can see the bathhouse of Amstel. It was published in ‘De laatste echte schippers’ by Hylke Speerstra (see LINKS page).2015-07-13-0589-schavuit-painting-1800x1300h Ron van den Bos painted a work for the “Westerdam van de HAL”.
before 1912 The ship’s length has been increased by about 3 meters to 24.75 m before 1912 for sure, but we do not know exactly when.
1912 Siger Seinen (1860-1912) dead when Siger junior (1895-1987) was 17 years old. As Siger junior was the oldest on board, he became the skipper together with his young brother Arend. The aunt Dien (Berendina) and their mother were also living on board.
+/-1920 11380-scan-04-big-src We can see that the roof is still in wood and that the steering is a plain solid wood tiller.gr-23 In this times, a lion was lying on top of the rudder.
1929 Siger Seinen junior bought the ship from his mother for fl 4000,-. It was a lot of money. For fl 1000,- more he could buy a new ship. His mother started living in Utrecht met the aunt Dien en later with his uncle Harm.
1933 The wooden roof was rebuild in steel by Kempers in Alphen a/d Rijn.
1937 Installation of the first motor, a 2 cylinder Kromhout type 2M0 which was previously on another boat.
17/5/1938 The measurement report (“meetbrief”) from 1938.11380-meetbrief-03
1945  2015-07-14-0683-schavuit-paint-1800h A painting of the ship (1945).
1946 or 1947 11380-scan-072015-09-07-2691-g-reedijk-koophandel The ship lost her sail and lee boards. No sails were bought anymore. The length of the hold was enlarged and the mast moved forward to be used as a lifting crane. A wheelhouse was also built. The Koophandel was transformed into a motor ship, registered in Alphen a/d Rijn.
1962 Siger Seinen junior stopped sailing and the ship stay close to the reformed church of Oushoorn in Alphen a/d Rijn.
1964 The family rent a house and sold the ship to the social services of Leiden, possibly for fl 4000,-
Years ’70 Gert P. Reedijk from Zwolle bought the ship from Caspar Schut, a scrap dealer from Groningen, to use her as an habitation. He bought the ship under the nose of the Museum harbour of Groningen. The ship was in a deplorable state. Everything which could be sold had disappeared, the shaft had been cut, the propeller and the rudder sold, etc. He renamed her ‘Vrouwe Jèsje‘ and lived on the ship during 12 years. She retrieved her sails at the end of the years ’70. We can consider that the restoration process started at this time and that Gert saved the ship from total destruction (many thanks to him !) However, her life will not be quieter…
??? She was sold to somebody who intended to used her for charter. But she sank due to a leak in a water pipe ! Two years later, she was sold again and renamed ‘Cui Bono‘ by Mr Osseweijer who bought her in 1987 (?) and later ‘Schavuit van ‘t Waterland‘ by Mr van Basten Batenburg
+/-1990 The authors of “Stalen en ijzeren, (kof)tjalken op zee” published in 1993 (see LINKS page) gave information about ‘Cui Bono‘. It looks like they met the owner of the ship in this time (Osseweijer) and Hendrick Seinen, the son of Siger Seinen junior.
2000 Schavuit van ‘t Waterland‘ was sold by Mr van Basten Batenburg to Joost Geerdink who renamed her simply ‘Schavuit‘. He lived on the ship during 15 years, maintained her in good state en continued her restoration process.
2001 Joost Geerdink met Hendrick Seinen, the son of Siger Seinen junior, who was born on the ship. So he got a large part of the story from this direct and reliable source.
2015 The ‘Schavuit‘ was bought by Pierre Lang (Brussels, Belgium), the current owner.
Gert Reedijk and Pierre Lang met on 7 September 2015 in front of a painting of the Vrouwe Jèsje – Schavuit