Historical pictures

1903. In de lock van Meppel from a post card reproduced pg77 in “Glorie van Binnevaart”. In 2023, I was happy to buy two original circulated identical postcard !
1910/11. See painting !
1920 1930. Peat transportation
No mast, no sails anymore (1960…) 197x, when Gert R. started saving and restoring the ship
2005 2006 2015-04-15-0004-src (Custom)2015 when I bought the ship.

The family Seinen

196x. The small guy in the middle came on board in April 2019.

Painting representing the ship

See the photo of 1910/11 ! 1946 (?) Photo from Gert R.

April 2015, before I bought the ship