Renewing cabin n°1


There was no easy storage space, probably due to a time in which the owner had a charter plan. The new objective was to create a cozy room with two beds, storage space and a small desk for a computer or a tablet.

Renewing work

3109_interieur_09Dismantling the two beds and the huge useless storage cabinet (at the right side of the beds). 2018-11-22-0111-cabine1-ancien-placard-2400c
2019-03-24-6158-cabine1-2400wThe first bed is moved 40 cm to the left through the bulkhead. This is saving space on the other side to install a furniture and a headboard. 2019-03-24-6159-cabine1-2400wAnother bed is created in the old storage cabinet. It is not so high than before !