Renewing the cabin N°2


There was too much beds and not enough storage space, probably to a time in which the owner had a charter program. The new objective was to create a cozy room with only two beds, storage space and a small desk for a computer or a tablet.

Renewing work

Dismantling the four beds. Every parts will be reused while rebuilding the new cabin layout.
The slanting black part is the lower part of the mast. Strange world in which nothing is square !
We also see the mast base which stands on the bottom of the ship’s hull. It is creating a step problem under the desk to be installed there.

2019-12-15-1025-cabine2-2400h The first bed is moved 40 cm under the other. This is saving space on the other side for a furniture and a headboard. And a convenient at under the headboard.
2019-12-15-1045-cabine2-coffre-2400h A large coffer takes place in the back of the convenient.

2019-12-15-1120-cabine2-bureau-2400h 2019-12-15-1153-cabine2-bureau-2400h
This is the small desk. Its height is the same as any table. That is, the seat is attached to a small coffer. This coffer allow to fix the problem of the step at the bottom of the mast base.

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